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COBAN Mountain Bicycle GPS Locator GPSTRACKER GPS TK305

New COBAN Mountain Bicycle GPS Locator GPSTRACKER GPS TK305

Introduction to the use of GPS: (1, 2, 3, 4, 6 methods are free of charge and the fifth

method is charge)

1 is to manually locate the data of longitude and latitude by calling back the data of

longitude and latitude, which can be used to locate the address of Google Map Search or

input the data of longitude and latitude into our platform.

2 kinds are: PDA mobile map inquiry and location: the longitude and latitude data

information returned by phone also contains a website, such as: F=q&q=22.553068, 113.903988&z=16.

PDA smart phone can open this website directly into the map status to see the location;

3 types are: text geographic location inquiry sends an instruction "address + password"

to the machine to reply to text address information, such as: No. 115-118, No. 2 Road,

Nantouguan Pass, Nanshan District, Shenzhen (APN can be set up in different countries

for detailed use, please see the instructions);

4 kinds are: GPRS PC Installation Monitoring Center We have a CD-ROM to send PC to

install version of personal management software, which can be installed in their own

computer for real-time management of their own terminals. This software can manage

225 vehicle terminals; (In different countries, you can use the detailed use of the

monitoring platform, please see the instructions for the use of the monitoring platform.)

5 kinds are: GPRS webpage version monitoring center website is: through our company's authorization,

you can add the machine terminal number to control the machine terminal to view,

network version platform guests can experience free use for a week. (In different

countries, you can use the monitoring platform in detail, please see the instructions.)

6 kinds are: base station positioning, when there is no GPS signal, using mobile phone

to call the machine can reply to the base station code, can also send instructions "address

+ password" to reply to text address information, if you make our network version platform

can also positioning without GPS signal, can display the address of base station positioning,

call back information with base station code can be manually fixed on the platform. Bit

input base station code point location. The platform mentioned above is name of demo account: DEMO password: 8888

7. App has Apple and Android versions

Model: GPS 305

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